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“This workshop has surpassed my expectations. I highly recommend this class.” Hiking up Mount Whitney

Train the Trainer Professional Training Certification

PrepMasters USA is the #1 Train The Trainer Certification, MCT and CTT+ workshop & online trainer training provider.

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We've helped thousands of trainers, instructors, teachers, and facilitators become Expert Master Trainers in the USA and internationally. Our trainees develop world class skills in interactive training, presentation building, classroom management as well as public speaking.

PrepMasters uses the latest tools and research to deliver successful results for your career. In fact, many of our trainees have seen a salary increase in a couple months after attending one of the PrepMasters workshops.

PrepMasters' conducts internationally recognized ILT (instructor led training) Train-the-Trainer Certification & CTT+ Workshops and is currently the only provider of Online Train the Trainer and CTT+ Certification.

We help you achieve the following trainer certifications:

Benefits of Train-the-Trainer, MCT and CTT+ Certification

If you're Certified, you're in demand! It's cost effective to train employees correctly the FIRST time. In our workshops you'll learn:

  • The 7-Secrets of Adult Learning
  • Turn around tough problem students
  • Develop curriculum using PPT
  • Engage the classroom and pique their interest
  • Keep trainees alert using interactive learning techniques
  • Accelerate learning and boost retention of information
  • Deliver highly effective training and presentations

Become an Expert Master Trainer in our Training Certification Classes

You know your subject… but does your expertise translate into student learning?

The purpose of Train the Trainer, MCT and CTT+ Certifications is to train YOU to train others in your area of expertise such as: MCT, IT, healthcare, government, military, law enforcement, sexual harassment, college professors, sales, etc…

Train The Trainer

When you understand the science behind adult learning and develop an interactive skill-set, even dry subject matter becomes engaging and fun.

The Train the Trainer Certification and CTT+ from PrepMasters USA will teach you cutting-edge techniques based on scientific research to reach every learning style.

Whether you are experienced or a novice, PrepMasters training workshops prepare you to be the very best in one-on-one, classroom and large group presentations.

Be A Great Trainer! Get Certified!

The lifelong skills you develop at PrepMasters' workshops will put you at the top of your field. Our Über Train System accelerates learning based on the latest scientific research in adult training.

A common trainee complaint is: "Trainer knows the material but can't teach." Engage trainees in the learning process with the following:

  • Address all learning styles; traditional training is auditory and is a "no-learn" situation for nonauditory participants
  • Use interactive learning techniques
  • Manage a collaborative and interactive classroom
  • Keep trainees engaged, alert and on their toes
  • Understand the difference between Instructional Expertise and Subject Matter Expertise
  • Preparation techniques to make you an outstanding trainer in class
  • Become an Expert Trainer in our PrepMasters' Train the Trainer Workshops.

These tips are based on learning research and over 12,000 student evaluations.

Learn transformational training techniques in our Certification Workshops.

Go forth and inspire!

Suki Reed

President — PrepMasters USA

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Student Video Testimonials


I had a wonderful time at PrepMasters; great instruction; I could not have done this on my own. This is a great place to come, I highly recommend it. Thank you PrepMasters!

Clay Blakely
Technical Trainer

The course has exceeded my expectations. Impressive!

The Train the Trainer workshop was outstanding. I passed the CTT+ exams easily — thank you for this inspirational and well thought out workshop.

This class has impacted the way my trainees view me and I view them. They learn faster and my training is more effective and fun! The Train-the-Trainer certification has definitely made a difference in my career.

My salary at my current job has increased and I put my resume on the web and got calls and interviews from people needing trainers — the CTT+ and Train the Trainer certification was definitely a big plus along with my experience.

Tim Rowe
Blackberry, Training Manager

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