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“The workshop is excellent! I learned to be an expert trainer and communicator.” What is Train-the-Trainer?

Train the Trainer Professional Training Certification

PrepMasters USA is the #1 Train The Trainer Certification, MCT and CTT+ trainer certification training provider. Become a Certified Trainer Online or attend a Workshop!

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Become an Expert Master Trainer! We’re honored to be a MCT Microsoft Instructional Training Skills provider and recognized by corporations globally. Though online certification training and workshops we've successfully trained thousands of trainers, instructors, teachers and facilitators around the world. Our trainees develop world-class Master Trainer skills including: interactive training, classroom management, professional presentations as well as public speaking.

Learn the newest tools and cutting-edge trainer training skill-set to accelerate your career. The lifelong skills you develop will put you at the top of your field. In fact, many of our trainees have seen a salary increase in a couple months after attending.

We help you achieve the following trainer certifications:

Benefits of Train-the-Trainer, MCT and CTT+ Certification

If you're a certified trainer you're in demand! It's cost effective to train correctly the FIRST time. In our trainer training classes you'll learn:

  • The Secrets of Adult Learning
  • Turn around tough problem students
  • Develop interactive classroom tools and PPT
  • Engage the classroom and pique their interest
  • Keep trainees alert using interactive learning techniques
  • Accelerate learning and boost retention of information
  • Deliver highly effective training and professional presentations

Become an Expert Master Trainer in our Training Certification Classes

You know your subject… but does your expertise translate into student learning?

Train The Trainer

The Train the Trainer Certification and CTT+ from PrepMasters’ USA will teach you cutting-edge techniques based on scientific research to reach every learning style. When you understand the science behind learning and gain an interactive skill-set, even dry subject matter becomes engaging and fun.

Our trainer certification is recommended training for all fields of training. Skill level prerequisites from experienced to novice trainers. PrepMasters’ trainer certification workshops prepare you to be the very best in your field!

Become an Expert Trainer! Get Certified Online or attend Workshops!

Our Ultimate Trainer System accelerates classroom learning. A common trainee complaint is: "Trainer knows the material but can't teach." You’ll acquire the skills to engage trainees in the learning process as well as:

  • Address all learning styles; traditional training is auditory and is a "no-learn" situation for nonauditory participants
  • Use interactive learning techniques
  • Manage a collaborative and interactive classroom
  • Keep trainees engaged, alert and on their toes
  • Understand the difference between Instructional Expertise and Subject Matter Expertise
  • Preparation techniques to make you an outstanding trainer in class

You and your training staff will achieve transformational training techniques based on cutting-edge learning research and over 20,000 student evaluations.

Developing Master Trainers is our expertise, "Become the trainer that trainees respect for a lifetime."

Suki Reed


PrepMasters USA – Preparing Masters, "Go forth and inspire!"

Student Video Testimonials


An outstanding class!

Paul Baker
President, Authentimetric Network Security
Hanover Park, IL

The pre-class student learning kit saved a lot of time up-front. The pre-class interview greatly assisted my learning by preparing me for the classroom concepts early on.

The Train the Trainer workshop was outstanding. I passed the CTT+ exams easily — thank you for this inspirational and well thought out workshop.

This class has impacted the way my trainees view me and I view them. They learn faster and my training is more effective and fun! The Train-the-Trainer certification has definitely made a difference in my career.

My salary at my current job has increased and I put my resume on the web and got calls and interviews from people needing trainers — the CTT+ and Train the Trainer certification was definitely a big plus along with my experience.

Tim Rowe
Blackberry, Training Manager

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