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CTT+ Classroom Trainer Online Learning

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CTT+ Certification

CompTIA Certificed Technical Trainer+

PrepMasters is the leader in CTT+ Training and offers high-end courses at reasonable prices. Our programs are based on cutting-edge adult-learning research from the National Science Foundation, The University of California Center for the Neurobiology of Learning & Memory, and CompTIA. All PrepMasters' instructors are CTT+ Certified Master Trainers with 10+ years facilitation experience.

Prepmasters CTT+ Distance Learning Brochure

Your CTT+ Online Learning is available on-demand 24/7 in PrepMasters' Student Learning Area.

Get certified at your own speed!

  1. Receive your log-on information for the Student Area via e-mail.

    The CTT+ Distance Learning Student Area has hands on examples of CTT+ Presentations and step-by-step information on how to pass the CTT+ video exam and computer-based exam.

    The Student Learning Area Includes CTT+ Presentation Materials:

    1. Sample CTT+ (Passing) Videos
    2. Sample CTT+ PowerPoint Presentations
    3. Sample CTT+ PowerPoint Templates
    4. Sample CTT+ Handouts
    5. Sample CompTIA CTT+ Video (Passing) Submission Forms
    6. Online TestPrep CTT+ Knowledge Base, test simulation for the CTT+ Computer Based Test
  2. CTT+ Introductory Presentation and Sample CTT+ Videos

    Log into the SLA (Student Learning Area), and view a 30 minute Presentation and Instructional Skills Development Module and Sample CTT+ Videos. The presentation and videos will identify specific areas of Instructional Expertise that need to be developed and will allow the participant to develop an appropriate video presentation subject for the CTT+ delivery skills presentation. You will develop a personalized presentation that develops your interactive instructional and presentation skill-set. The Master Trainer makes certification fast and easy.

  3. Submit your CTT+ Instructional Presentation Materials and CTT+ Video Presentation for editorial review by Master Instructor.

    The participant's Instructional Presentation materials will be uploaded to the SLA (Student Learning Area) for editorial review to the Master Trainer. Students will receive recommended changes in time to make revisions as needed. Students are allowed to submit their video presentation up to 2x for review by the Master Instructor.

  4. Receive a 1-year license for TestPrep CTT+ Test Simulator ($60.00 Value).

    This software simulates the actual testing environment and gives similar test situations for you to prepare and pass the CTT+ Computer Based Exam.

  5. Receive a digital copy of “PrepMasters CTT+ Study Guide.”

    This highly informative and easy to read PrepMasters' student manual targets key instructional skills and provides key information for passing the CTT+ Computer Based Test.

  6. Instructional Performance conducted by student.

    The Student will film the presentation including, an audience of five students and video equipment. The participant will submit the completed video or DVD for review to PrepMasters by upload or mail.

  7. Instructor Review — Video guaranteed to pass CTT+ or we pay you $200!

    The PrepMasters CTT+ pass rate is 100%! The Master Instructor will carefully evaluate your performance. Your video will reflect a demonstration of all the CTT+ Instructional Domains. If necessary, you may submit up to two videos for review.

    View samples of actual passing Video Submission Forms including Form-C, which is a critical and difficult part of passing the CTT+ Video Test.

  8. When you have completed all steps you will be ready to take and pass the CTT+ Computer Based Test and submitting the CTT+ Video to CompTIA. We guarantee you pass the video or we pay you $200!

Time frame:

This certification may be accomplished from the comfort of your home or office. You will have 1 year to complete the online training program.

Internet access:

You may review the online videos and sample presentations as often as necessary during the 1 year period. The streaming videos, exam and sample materials require internet access.

CTT+ video guidelines:

A Master Instructor will help you prepare for the video presentation.

Video length must be 20 minutes; we do not watch past 20 minutes and will not approve a video under 20 minutes.

Video presentations can be submitted via FTP, VHS video and DVD. All videos must be uncut and unedited. Videos received via FTP must be in a format recognized by Windows Media Player.

Language requirements:

Participants must read and speak basic English.

Prerequisites for CTT+ Distance Learning:

There are no prerequisites for the online train the trainer course.

Student responsibilities:

Participants are responsible for providing their own video equipment, classrooms and students for the required video.

Suki, Thank you for your compliments and advice, I could only hope to one day be as good as a instructor as yourself you look so natural one would think you had the entire thing memorized. I am very happy I decided to use Prepmasters as my aid in getting my certification and mentors. Thanks again i hope to meet you in person one day.

Pedro G. Abreu
RJB Technical


Everything was professionally presented. I was able to grasp a good understanding of how adults learn.

Lauri Williams
Master Career Director
Optasia Career & Training Services


Being online ment I didnt have to lose any days work. I was able to take the exam on a lunch hour. It was very simple to understand the process.

David Fraser
Sandwell Homes LTD

Online Learning Area — including access to all training materials and bonus materials

All programs include 1 year of access to Trainer's Edge from date of first login. Additional blocks of 6 months can be purchased for $200 per block, per person. Please call to extend your access.

Student Video Testimonials



PrepMasters Fed-Exed The PLK to Kuwait! It contained excellent info. The workshop was fun and educational! I will take the things I have learned here & execute them in the real world. The 20-minute video and preparation showed me my body language and what I sound like to the audience. Master Trainer was to the point and easy to follow. This class rocks!

Michael Sanchez
US Military
Overseas Support

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  • Best Value for Trainer Training
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Pre-Class Learning Kit (PLK)
  • Only 6 students per class!
  • TestPrep software
  • In-class video performance
  • Develop Presentation & Training skill-sets

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