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Instructor Skills Development

This foundation program is the stepping-stone to Professional Trainer Certification and the Master Instructor Seminar. This course disseminates key topics that will quickly and seamlessly advance your confidence and instructional expertise. Introduction to managing the learning environment, assessing student learning, engage students in active-learning, barriers to student learning, experiential learning, sensory learning styles, effective body language, instructor presentation techniques, and more. Identify, develop, and nourish instructor expertise in this hands-on seminar.

Upon Completion of the Instructor Development Program:

  • Identify barriers to student learning
  • Implement experiential learning
  • Develop effective body language
  • Demonstrate instructor presentation techniques
  • Cite fundamental stages of cognitive development
  • Exhibit instructor presentation techniques
  • Demonstrate instructor expertise

Who attends Instructor Development A-Z?

  • Corporate trainers
  • Professional trainers
  • Technical trainers
  • Subject Matter Experts
  • In-house proprietary software trainers
  • Everyone responsible for training delivery
  • Anyone who must present learning material to adult learners
  • College and University Professors
  • Curriculum Developers
  • Professional Instructors
  • Subject Matter Experts
  • Everyone responsible for training delivery
  • Anyone who must present learning material to adult learners

How can Instructor Development help you?

  • Reduce learning time
  • Increase learning to teaching ratio
  • Higher retention of critical materials
  • Overcome teacher-related learning roadblocks for your students
  • Increase productivity among students


Student Video Testimonials



Ms. Suki Reed
Irvine, CA.

Dear Suki:

Your Workshop was Absolutely Awesome!

Working with you and your company has been a tremendous learning experience. You have proven to me that the old saying that “old dogs can't learn new tricks” is but a myth. I have acquired a new skill set that will further enhance my training career.

You have demonstrated the highest level of professionalism in a unique learning environment. I especially enjoyed your assistance prior to the workshop. The Pre-Class Learning Kit was very beneficial. Also, the personal interview really helped to lower my anxiety of what was to occur during the workshop.

This class has inspired me to step forward and be the very best instructor I can be.

Thank you again: GREAT JOB!


Wayne Dillavou
Safety Services Specialist
Montana State Fund
Helena, Montana

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Become a Great Trainer

  • Best Value for Trainer Training
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Pre-Class Learning Kit (PLK)
  • Only 6 students per class!
  • TestPrep software
  • In-class video performance
  • Develop Presentation & Training skill-sets

Memorable Quote

“Live as if your were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”


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MCT Trainer


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