Classroom Professionalism

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Classroom Professionalism

With a focus on adult-learning, you will discover how to conduct a class in a highly professional manner. In today's education environment it is critical for instructors to demonstrate professionalism and ethics in the classroom.

Topics that will be covered are sexual harassment and legal issues in the classroom, classroom ethics, acceptable classroom decorum and attire, using good judgment in the classroom, how to address fellow faculty members in front of students, how to interact with school administration, how to manage class disruptions in a professional manner, how to handle complaints from students about self and/or fellow faculty members, how to improve student relations, how to meet and surpass student expectations, how to improve student feedback, how to grow camaraderie between students and faculty members, discussion topics to avoid, how to stay positive and on-task, how to be accessible to students while remaining professional, proper time allotment for pre-class preparation, proper time allotment for helping students outside class time, how to build instructor credibility and confidence.

This program will provide you with the skills necessary to conduct a classroom in a highly professional manner while promoting a collaborative classroom environment.

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This workshop met my expectations and then some. I learned the main difference between a subject matter expert and an instructor. I had never looked at it that way before!!! The 20 minute video presentation allowed me to see some unusual quirks I wasn't aware of. The Pre-Class Learning Kit also saved class time by helping me to be better prepared for the class. I arrived with more confidence because I had already begun working on some of the issues indicated in the Pre-class Learning Kit.

Winta Bynoe
Wintab Consulting, Inc.
Sr Consultant

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“Live as if your were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”


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