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MCT-TTT: Microsoft Certified Trainer

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To qualify for MCT certification you must provide evidence of outstanding instructional skills. Develop the world-class trainer skill-set necessary to be a successful MCT.

This Train the Trainer course fulfills Microsoft’s MCT Instructional Skills requirements for Microsoft Certified Trainers. Upon completion receive the MCT Approved Instructional Skills Train-the-Trainer Certificate. The course is designed for novice and seasoned trainers alike. We give you the instructional expertise to soar to the top of your field as a Microsoft Certified Trainer!

Prepmasters MCT TTT Certification Workshop (133.97 K)

Prepmasters MCT TTT online certification (0.97 M)

MCT-TTT 2-Day Workshop

Learn world-class training skills in our class. The class includes a complete trainer skill set for beginning and advanced trainers. You will then film a 20 minute video to accelerate your skills and become a certified MCT trainer!

Microsoft approved Train-the-Trainer Certification for the Microsoft Certified Trainer.

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MCT-TTT Distance Learning Programs

If you can’t travel or prefer to work at your own pace, PrepMasters offers distance learning programs for the MCT Certification.

The MCT-Train-the-Trainer Online Learning program allows you to receive the same Microsoft Approved Train-the-Trainer Certification you would at the Irvine workshop - but from the comfort of your own home or office- on your own schedule.

What is a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT)?

Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCTs) are the premier technical and instructional experts in Microsoft technologies. Join this exclusive group of Microsoft technical training professionals and reap the benefits of training certification and membership, including access to the complete library of official Microsoft training and certification products; substantial discounts on exams, books, and Microsoft products; readiness resources and access to a members-only online community; and invitations to exclusive events and programs. (

Upon Completion of PrepMasters' MCT Programs, you will:

  • Exhibit instructor expertise in the MCT classroom environment
  • Display highly effective MCT instructional techniques
  • Demonstrate instructor confidence and credibility
  • Motivate your participants to learn
  • Incorporate Key Principles of Adult-Learning
  • Demonstrate interactive MCT presentation and training techniques
  • Skillfully handle problem students
  • Understand adult learning psychology

How can MCT certification help you?

  • Increase your salary
  • Become a highly credible and in-demand certified technical instructor
  • Manage and facilitate the classroom environment with ease
  • Receive higher student evaluations
  • Increase productivity among MCT students
  • Excite learning among participants

How do I send my Train-the-Trainer certificate to Microsoft?

  • Attend PrepMasters MCT-Train-the-Trainer
  • Receive Prepmasters' MCT-Train-the-Trainer Certification
  • Complete Microsoft online application: Valid competency based certification, payment via credit card or check
  • All MCT submission details provided upon enrollment



This class exceeded my expectations! It was fun and educational and I will take what I learned here & execute it in the real world.

Michael Sanchez
Overseas Support
US Military

Student Video Testimonials



Greetings all-

So I held my first official training on Tuesday. It went great! I had seven students and we did basic Microsoft word. I felt very good about class and all of the students were very pleased. Also, my boss is very excited too!

Thanks Master Trainer for giving me the training to have confidence in being a trainer!

Good day to everyone,

Andrea Herron
Software Trainer
San Miguel County

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Become a Great Trainer

  • Best Value for Trainer Training
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Pre-Class Learning Kit (PLK)
  • Only 6 students per class!
  • TestPrep software
  • In-class video performance
  • Develop Presentation & Training skill-sets

Memorable Quote

“Live as if your were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”


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