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Train-the-Trainer & CTT+ Workshop Testimonials

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The Master Trainer's training methods are based upon the latest scientific information in the field of adult learning and how the brain learns and functions. These are natural laws of learning. When you teach 100% in accordance with how the brain learns, you have phenomenal success. If you teach marginally according to how the brain learns you can at best experience marginal success.

This is the difference between PrepMasters USA "Train the Trainer" classes and their competition. The techniques, scientific background, and skillsets taught provide a solid foundation to build phenomenal instruction. These principals apply to any learning scenario - in the classroom, presentations, keynote speeches. Whether you speak regularly to 5 people or 500 PrepMasters courses will give you the keys to excel.

David Milner,
Deluk Solutions,

Prepmasters's instruction has taught me so much. I'm active duty Navy, and it's nice to have an istructor that is able to teach you how to instruct, efficiently and effectively. I look forward to putting my training into use. Look out Navy, here I come!!!!! Thanks Suki, I wish you and your company the best.

Artevious Curry,
US Navy,

I'm especially impressed by the Master Trainer's enthusiasm for the training material. Her enthusiasm and energy is contagious in a good way, and this inspired me to learn the material and to incorporate these training methods into my arsenal of teaching tools.

Most impressive of all is the fact that PrepMasters' covers some points that I have heard before, but "breathed new life" into these oft-covered topics and enabled me to discover profound insights in what first appear to be simple observations.

I'm especially impressed by the fact that the Master Trainer spent a good amount of time working with me on an individual basis. Before the class we coresponded via e-mail, and she offered many good insights and positive input on how to improve my PowerPoint presentation. During the workshop she offered many good insights on improving my videotaped training presentation. And after the workshop she continues to make herself available as a resource toward improving myself as a trainer.

Thanks for a great workshop!

Christopher Lee

Thank you for your compliments and advice, I could only hope to one day be as good as a instructor as yourself you look so natural one would think you had the entire thing memorized. I am very happy I decided to use Prepmasters as my aid in getting my certification and mentors. Thanks again i hope to meet you in person one day.

Pedro G Abreu

The fact I could do it remotely (from the uk)

Antony Eason

The text book which is very informative and useful for future references. A good tool to go back over and over again to become a better instructor

Alessandro Lima


I loved the brain study! It proved to be so useful, and upon reflection, even more important in assessing students and their learning style and grasp of subject. This class was so helpful in guiding me to help students achieve success in classes.

Dana Laborde

It was very proefessional course.

Anko Antov

The material was very well prepared, to the point and even funny.


I really liked the ability to take it online. I work in Afghanistan and this ability was HUGE. THANKS!

Robert Bright

Suki's instruction has taught me so much. I'm active duty Navy, and it's nice to have an istructor that is able to teach you how to instruct, efficiently and effectively. I look forward to putting my training into use. Look out Navy, here I come!!!!! Thanks Suki, I wish you and your company the best.

Artevious Curry,
US Navy,

I'm especially impressed by instructor Suki Reed's enthusiasm for the training material. Her enthusiasm and energy is contagious in a good way, and this inspired me to learn the material and to incorporate these training methods into my arsenal of teaching tools.

Most impressive of all is the fact that Suki covers some points that I have heard before, but she "breathed new life" into these oft-covered topics and enabled me to discover profound insights in what first appear to be simple observations.

I'm especially impressed by the fact that Suki spent a good amount of time working with me on an individual basis. Before the class we coresponded via e-mail, and she offered many good insights and positive input on how to improve my PowerPoint presentation. During the workshop she offered many good insights on improving my videotaped training presentation. And after the workshop she continues to make herself available as a resource toward improving myself as a trainer.

Thanks for a great workshop, Suki!

Christopher Lee

How much better I could be, based on what I was shown.

Bob Hooper

I liked having the option to complete the course online


being able to take the courses at my own pace. Very easy to read subject matter. Made me aware of new teaching techniques.

Bary Spittler

Great information!


Train the Trainer book and Presentations videos

Ashar Abbas

Train the Trainer book was impressive.

Ashar Abbas

How much better I could be?

Bob Hooper

Ms. Suki Reed
Irvine, CA.

Dear Suki:

Your Workshop was Absolutely Awesome!

Working with you and your company has been a tremendous learning experience. You have proven to me that the old saying that “old dogs can't learn new tricks” is but a myth. I have acquired a new skill set that will further enhance my training career.

You have demonstrated the highest level of professionalism in a unique learning environment. I especially enjoyed your assistance prior to the workshop. The Pre-Class Learning Kit was very beneficial. Also, the personal interview really helped to lower my anxiety of what was to occur during the workshop.

This class has inspired me to step forward and be the very best instructor I can be.

Thank you again: GREAT JOB!


Wayne Dillavou
Safety Services Specialist
Montana State Fund
Helena, Montana

My overall experience was great!! The courseware is complete and I feel that the workshop would be beneficial to anyone working in a training capacity.

Sara Matzek
Senior Security Engineer, Patriot Technologies, MD

The workshop exceeded my expectations! Starting with the Pre-Class Learning Kit, it gave me a lot of information to increase my comfort level and what to expect. The telephone interview with the Master Instructor was great! It gave me confidence in understanding what to expect and how to prepare. The Master Instructor is very talented and the training was extremely valuable. The 20-minute video helped my develop my skill-set and develop courseware. I really enjoyed this experience and found it extremely valuable both in my career and in life. P.S. The hotel is VERY nice!

The Pre-Class Learning Kit was VERY helpful in preparing my presentation! Excellent content!

Rebecca J. Hall
Equal Opportunity Associate, University of Massachusetts Lowell

The review of the sample presentations with the Master Instructor giving pointers was very helpful, as well as the outline of presentations. The Master Instructor provided high quality instruction and through the 20-minute presentation I learned areas of improvement that I can continue to strengthen. I was particularly impressed by the instructors poise and consistent representation of the content she was teaching by the way she taught. I appreciated the instructor's availability during off-hours and helpfulness in giving valuable feedback! I really trust the integrity of what she says, so I was careful to follow all of her direction - with great results!

Your course was EXCEPTIONAL! I was particularly impressed by the pacing, energy level, and lots of interesting topics.

Tom Hamilton
Technical Trainer, IN

The Master Instructor provided a good model for techniques that incur student interaction. I expected to be reminded of lots of things that I knew, but hadn't used in awhile and was surprised to learn new techniques.

A great class, great feedback, great teaching, and great one-on-one coaching.

Tom Kaphingst
Lead Software Engineer, DC

I am confident I will pass the CTT+/MCT. Above all, I was impressed with the quality of instruction. Well done!

Your 3-day presentation was packed full of useful, relevant information that has had outstanding positive benefits for the students in my classroom.

Sandy Fury
Risk Analyst, UTI World Wide, Rancho Dominguez, CA

The media presentation was very professional and visually appealing. I appreciated having two large screens and many visual aids, since I have a limited attention span. The great news is that I stayed fully focused and thoroughly enjoyed the seminar. I am grateful for the knowledge I gained in the Workshop. Thank you for putting on such a well thought out and innovative seminar.

This workshop has surpassed my expectations. I highly recommend this class.

Sam Muzaffer
BSc. Physics, 15 Years Technical Trainer & Application Developer, CO

I am particularly impressed with the level and depth of the material covered and the Master Instructor's knowledge and skills.

Outstanding and fun!

Erin Pearson
Education Specialist
Washington State Employees Credit Union, Olympia, WA

Thanks for a great learning experience! I learned new presentation and training skills that will help my career.

The workshop is excellent!

Hanale Wasserman
Senior Trainer
Housing Authority City of Las Vegas, NV

It is comprehensive yet detailed. I learned to be an expert teacher and communicator.

I really feel good about what I took away from my time at the course.

Matt Myers
BS Education, MA Educational Technology
9 Years Corporate Trainer, 3 Years High School Teacher

The workshop was inspiring, I really learned a lot. I'm using the 3-P's in class this week, and I had my class complete a learning style assessment, and I'm using bouncebacks in my material.

I took the PrepMasters Workshop and got a new job in 3 weeks!

Philip Gordon
Corporate Trainer
Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher

Thank you for this life-changing class! I am new to the training industry and the PrepMasters Workshop gave me the skills and confidence to secure a new position at a major firm!

This course is the best of the best. In two days I learned lifelong skills that I found nowhere else.

David Devey
Cal Poly Pomona

I have attended many trainer/instructorship workshops over the years and spent thousands of dollars doing it. The one-on-one coaching was absolutely outstanding! The class was fun and the time flew by. My time in front of the classroom is forever changed as a result of this brilliant class.

It was a great workshop - I highly recommend it!

Sherri Dungan
Training Manager, Exxon Mobil
B.S. in Business Administration & M.B.A., DC

The workshop was thorough in covering adult learning techniques. The Master Trainer accurately evaluated my training needs, was very positive, and was an excellent coach

The PrepMasters Workshop should be a requirement for all trainers.

Simon Sadrizedeh
Trainer, Tectura (Division of Microsoft)

This workshop has helped my career and to become a better trainer, with much higher credibility.

The CTT+ has been a boost for my career. I recommend this great seminar for all instructors.

Michael Occhicone
CTT+, Medimpact, Training Consultant
San Diego, CA

The Workshop improved my training abilities and made me much more aware of the different ways one must train in order to be successful. I am a much more confident and effective trainer as a result of this workshop. I received a promotion and a raise after attaining my certification. Taking the PrepMasters' workshop, filming the video and using the practice software made passing the CTT+ exam easy.

PrepMasters has made a big difference in my life and the way I instruct. Thank you for this remarkable class!

Angela Allen
Corporate Trainer
United States Social Security Administration, IN

It has transformed the way I treat my students. I highly recommend the PrepMasters Trainer Certification Workshop for all facilitators of adult-learning. It was an outstanding experience.

The workshop was outstanding. I passed the CTT+ exams easily — thank you for this inspirational and well thought out Workshop.

Tim Rowe
Training Manager
Los Angeles, CA

It has impacted the way my students view me and I view them. My students learn faster and my training is more effective and more fun! The certification has definitely made a difference in my career. My salary at my current job has increased and I put my resume on the web and got calls and interviews from people needing trainers — the CTT+ certification was definitely a big plus along with my experience.

Thank you for this sensational class. The techniques I learned in class have improved my classroom delivery immensely.

Todd Lowe
Honda, Training Consultant, AZ

It was fun and highly informative. The instructor was very knowledgeable and through her guidance I developed new skills and confidence.

Our student evaluations have improved significantly since this workshop.

Brian F. Ricci, PE
President, Pinnacle Computer Services, Inc., IN

Preparing, practicing, and performing the in-class instructional performance helped me greatly. This workshop allowed me to critique and improve my performance. The PLK and interview with the Master Instructor were very helpful in developing my presentation and preparing me for class.

This is the best workshop I have ever attended!

Sy Yan Huang
Live Office, Torrance, CA

The PrepMasters workshop went beyond my expectations! The classes consisted of so much interacting and learning in just three days. The instructor was energetic, fun, and resourceful. I developed a presentation and training skill-set and learned how create a collaborative learning environment.

I am ready to pass the exam!

Dan McDaniel
Los Angeles, CA

The Master Instructor had a great wealth of knowledge and a wonderfully graceful teaching style that all professional educators should absorb and emulate. PrepMasters has given me an effective compass that will help me to better prepare for my CTT+ certification exam.

I am totally confident about using the new skills obtained from PrepMasters' to be the best in my field.

Kai Dupei
Dallas, TX

My expectations of the instructor were well exceeded. The instructor was excellent and to the point in getting important ideas across. The Master Instructor is a model that I strive to imitate.

Now I am unstoppable!

Mike Luu
SBC Global, San Jose, CA

I spent most of the day telling my staff what a life-changing experience the class was. The biggest news was finding out that none of us has any LIMITATIONS!

I had a wonderful time at PrepMasters; great instruction; I could not have done this on my own. This is a great place to come, I highly recommend it. Thank you PrepMasters!

Clay Blakely
Technical Trainer

The course has exceeded my expectations. Impressive!

I am taken away by the depth and breadth of knowledge that I have learned.

Darla Logan
Dallas, TX

The Instructor provided clear and concise answers that aided in my understanding of the topics. Additionally, the instructor conveyed her knowledge in such a caring, exceptional manner.

The instructor is phenomenal! I am truly impressed.

Nancy Kastelic
National Bank of Commerce
Director Sales & Marketing, Superior, WI

Professionalism was demonstrated on a day-to-day basis throughout the entire workshop. The video presentations taught me outstanding presentation and instructor skills, plus the importance of the three P's. — Prepare, Practice, And Perform!

An outstanding class!

Paul Baker
President, Authentimetric Network Security
Hanover Park, IL

The pre-class student learning kit saved a lot of time up-front. The pre-class interview greatly assisted my learning by preparing me for the classroom concepts early on.

This is a total immersion workshop!

Ron C Hoffler
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
Baltimore, MD

The amount of information I learned in a short period of time was particularly impressive.

PrepMasters has helped me to become a strong trainer.

Gregg Condon
Blue Cross, Training Specialist
Camarillo, CA

The video presentation helped me to become more comfortable and confident as an instructor.

The quality of instruction was absolutely outstanding!

Gene Martin
Senior Manager Engineering, Newport Corporation
Mission Viejo, CA

The trainer was fluent in the subject matter. Classroom management skills were demonstrated excellently. My presentation and training skills including, gesture and posture awareness, has improved significantly. I am impressed with my improvement in the video presentation.

The pre-class Student Learning Kit was wonderful!

Donna Vieweg
University of Massachusetts Lowell
Lowell, MA

I am so happy that I was sent to this training. PrepMasters has given me so many tools to use when I get back to work. The instructor was knowledgeable, patient, and perfect!

Talk about individual attention!

James Muren
Senior Solutions Consultant
Platinum Stream Technologies
Chula Vista, CA

During the pre-class interview, the instructor took the time to understand where I was coming from to help me succeed in the upcoming classes. The Master Instructor had a penchant for eliciting emotions of confidence coupled with a mastery of her subject. I learned lots of practical information, and I hope to see this instructor again soon.

I can honestly say that this workshop was the most helpful Train-the-Trainer/CTT+ certification workshop I've ever taken.

Christopher Krueger
Technical Trainer
Pomona, CA

The instructor covered every aspect of learning and teaching, from before the class preparation to after class follow-ups. The additional materials identifying learning types and methods were very helpful. The cutting-edge neurobiology was extremely interesting! I've never considered a training I've previously taken to be as valuable as this one!

The word to describe the Master Instructor is Awesome! I have learned more in this class than any other workshop I have attended.

Kevin Whitney
Corporate Six Sigma Black Belt
W. R. Grace & Co. Havre de Grace, MD

The PrepMasters Workshop was very informative about both good presentation and more importantly, good instruction skills. The master instructor definitely helped put the right expectations in place prior to the first day of class. The Pre-Class Learning Kit was very thorough and detailed, which facilitated a very good draft to bring to class.

I now am confident that I will pass the video presentation for my CTT+ certification.

Devin Riley
City of Pasadena
Pasadena, CA

I was particularly impressed with the quality of instruction I received from the CTT+ Workshop. The video presentation allowed me to practice my presentation skills and to see and review myself right away. I was able to critique and correct my presentation in the areas that went wrong.

The student-learning atmosphere was astounding.

Mark Evans
Blue Cross, Training Specialist, CA

The Master Instructor provided the students with solid material and a great presentation. The pre-class interview gave me the heads-up on what was expected of me, the class, and the Master Instructor.

I was amazed with the way this workshop got the entire class involved.

Fred Ventura
Wellpoint, Training Specialist, CA

I highly recommend this seminar to future professionals. I enjoyed interacting with both my instructor and classmates. The class covered informative and interesting topics. I am not an expert on Power Point, but with the Master Instructor's guidance, I was able to perform my video presentation comfortably. I now feel more comfortable giving and developing presentations. I look forward to future classes with PrepMasters.

This high quality instruction is top shelf. This seminar is extremely helpful.

Tony Zizak
Bloomington Hospital
Microsoft Systems Engineer
Bloomington, IN

I can't see passing the presentation without viewing the 20-minute video. The workshop was not only helpful for training, but also provides insight on how to get your point across in the boardroom with non-techies. The Master Instructor took his time and explained everything well. I got great insight on the different aspects of learning.

The workshop exceeded my expectations. Thank You, Master Instructor!

Tom Walker
Itech Career Paths
Orange, CA

The Master Instructor was more than helpful by going out of his way to edit and improve my presentation. The instructor was able to point out gross errors in judgment regarding content and flow. The performance from the instructor went beyond the call of duty. My wife will be attending a future class!

I should have taken this workshop earlier. It was a very valuable experience.

Deji Aromolafe
Unisys Corp., MD

The Master Instructor was very meticulous about preparing me for the seminar. The instructor provided guidance, confidence, and coaching in preparing the required demonstration. The Master Instructor was very focused and professional. I was able to pick up a number of techniques from her own presentation style. The video presentation was very helpful because I was able to incorporate the materials learned at the workshop into my training techniques and see the results on video.

The class support and the instructor's encouragement were excellent.

Shawnna Blomberg
Blue Cross, Training Specialist, CA

I learned many, many tips including things I shouldn't do.

Donna Stanziola
15 years training experience

The video made me “see” how I really look and teach. It made me aware of my voice, posture and some statements I should not say. This workshop is very well organized, the materials are well done, and the instructor is very very positive.

The class has changed my life and career for better.

Jack Huang
Live Office

I am so grateful for the PrepMasters workshop. I am now officially certified for CTT+. Thank you so much.

The Master Instructor is very knowledgeable, her education and experience is reflected in guiding the students to becoming better and stronger trainers.

Lashanda Brittian
Training Consultant
1 year experience

Fantastic, informational and fun! The Pre-class Learning Kit allowed me to view course presentation materials and example and gave very good guidelines to expectations of the class. I was able to pre-communicate with instructor and describe my expectations and goals. Excellent skill building information! Described different learning and teaching styles to accommodate the learners. The Instructional Expertise vs. Subject Matter Expertise offered valuable perspectives for the teacher.

The sample template and the sample videos in the PLK were integral to my understanding of the requirements of the workshop, and they put my mind at ease. This workshop was even better than I expected & makes me feel more confident about teaching. The Master Instructor is great and practices what she preaches. The video was so important that I can't even begin to describe it. The total spirit of camaraderie and support really impressed me during the workshop.

Teri Miller
Savante Tech
Technical Trainer

Thanks Suki & to all your great helpers behind the scene!

The PLK provided a good overview of class, and the techniques I learned will greatly assist me in transforming from lecture to instruction. A great experience!

Tom Gordon
Installation Engineer

Excellent. Master Trainer is awesome.

Gail Brown-Flowers
Solutions West
3 years training experience

I am an experienced trainer and (as a result of the workshop) I can already see a difference in the workers I train-and I have more confidence! The instructor was awesome and so was the class. I will never forget it.

Great instructor. Helped me figure out what to cut and what to teach.

Cassandra Robinson
Technical Trainer

Loved the class! Helped me to understand my pace and content. I witnessed people make a 360 degree change in their teaching habits, this class is remarkable!

Wilton Williams
Principal Consultant

The class was great! It more than met my expectations. Hyper-informative. Can you perfect perfection?

Derrick Maddox
Photoshop Expert
No prior training experience.

The Master Instructor knew exactly how to ease fears about presenting information for the first time and was very attentive. The course more than met my expectations. It allowed me to learn information practical to training and life. Hyper informative!

The instructor was so supportive and without her support, the video was not an option for me. It takes a special person to be so supportive and genuinely want to help us succeed.

It takes a special person to be so supportive and genuinely want to help us succeed.

Sher Angell
Contract Trainer
Professional Instructor
15 years training experience

Focused my attention. I was particularly impressed with the quality of the instructor. Very good. Will recommend!

Stuart Phillips
Director, Technical Services

I learned several new training techniques and student interaction ideas.

Chad Dean
IT Instructor

Wonderful ease of interaction between students. Always an answer. I was never left hanging.

Leiloni Holder
Senior LIS Trainer

It exceeded my expectations. Now I know how to go BIG!

Keith A. Fairley
Senior Technical Trainer

The class helped build confidence and improved my presentation skills.

Jeanette Koinm
Information Technology Trainer

Very detailed. Answered all my questions. Met my expectations and beyond. Made the butterflies go away! No improvement to the class necessary.

Vickie Schoen
Technical Assistant

I was able to see my weaknesses and develop new skills. Loved the workshop. Thank you, Suki.

Mei R. Patterson
Virtual Training Specialist

I think it was great! I started out nervous and it calmed me right down. I will definitely recommend this course to my colleagues.

Stephanie Scribner
Security Training Specialist

Change nothing. It was perfect.

Steve Gagnon
Adobe Certified Expert
Expert Advertise

I know I could not have been successful at this without the preparation PrepMasters provided me. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

The Master Trainer is clearly an expert in the field: not only a subject matter expert but an instructional expert.

Ed Surette
Technical Trainer

This class not only met but exceeded my expectations!

Sona Akmakjian
Director of Training

The PrepMasters course content was exceptional.

Ken Byrd
Development Trainer

I would not improve anything about this class!

Cecilia Perez
Computer Trainer

The PrepMasters workshop exceeded my expectations! It was well organized and nicely planned. The Master Instructor had so much patience for the students and she allowed humor to prevail. I am completely satisfied with the progress made in such a short time and after some experience; I am considering returning for more training!

Randall Fleming

PS: KOT — which is sort of mnemonic for Please Suki: Keep On Teaching

The PrepMasters workshop was great! The master instructor covered the material very well and the presentation was interesting. The constructive feedback I received made me feel more comfortable in the classroom and helped improve my presentation for the final video.

Thomas R. Boomer
Technology Consultant, HP

The PrepMasters workshop provided an excellent foundation on which I can use to present my subject knowledge to others. I had fears about being able to pass this class, but the Master Instructor provided a comfortable environment. The video showed me that being an instructor is doable.

Gary Cook

Through the PrepMasters workshop, I learned many techniques which will make me a more effective trainer. The Master Instructor was able to answer all of my questions and kept us engaged throughout the entire class.

Lanette Aberle
Solutions Architect
Sequoia Etcetera, LLC

The PLK interview was very user friendly and made it very easy to get started!

Adam Lankford
IT Manager at CCT

The workshop was a perfect wide angle view from different perspectives to make me a wonderful trainer. The 20-minute video and preparation made me confident that I hit everything for the CTT+ exam now. I remained captivated throughout the workshop and I just can't wait to start using these techniques. My goal is to be as good as the Master Trainer one day!

Valerie Groce
Business Services Trainer

The requirements of the class were clearly communicated during the pre-class interview. The workshop exceeded my expectations by delivering a wealth of information during a short time. The instructor was confident and knowledgeable, which brought value to the class and made the learning process enjoyable. The exploration of metacognitive learning was impressive. Overall, I liked the format of this workshop.

Lincoln Financial Services

The PLK helped me to form an upcoming presentation and emphasized my need for the training. The Workshop improved my presentation skills and great results immediately followed the training! Thank you!

Olga Evans
The EK Group

The Master Instructor made the workshop very interactive and provided me with a lot of new great ideas that I can implement immediately!

Dave Silverberg
Lincoln Financial Services
Sr. Field Application Support Specialist

The Preclass Learning Kit is was absolutely great idea for setting a comfort level that I will be utilizing in classes I facilitate. The video preparation helped me to set a pace and not overload my PowerPoint Presentation. The workshop met my expectations with a great pace and information.

Melissa Devenport
Insurers Admin Corp
Claims/Customer Service Trainer

The video presentation helped me to be better organized and structured for training.

Leonard Silon
Lincoln Financial Advisors
Senior Trainer

The workshop was well organized and the PLK prepared me in advance. Everything was very well presented, and Master Instructor particularly impressed me during the workshop!

Michael Oakes
Lake Forest, CA

The PLK helped me set expectations for the workshop. In the pre class interview, the Master Instructor described all of the included material well which assisted in my preparation for the workshop.

Maurice Cohen
Lake Forest, CA

The PLK was great to have; it gave a clear understanding of what was expected of me in the workshop before I actually traveled. The pre-class interview established rapport with the instructor and was very well done!

Andrew Wade
US Navy
Info Sys Officer

The 20-minute video presentation was perfect and had just the right info to ensure success and confidence in my presentation. The Master Instructor provided me with quality instruction- I really only came into this workshop for the CTT+, but I can see how this will help in my next career too!

The Be A Great Trainer Workshop far exceeded my expectations! I loved the interactive training. The Master Trainer was engaging, dynamic, and friendly-what a pleasure!

Jeffrey Seifer
Software Engineer

The PLK introduced me to some of the ideas we would see in class and prepared me for what I needed to do before coming to class. The 20-minute video and preparation for the video helped me because it made me much more comfortable with the idea of creating my own material and with being in front of the group.

This was one of the best training courses I have ever taken!

The PLK started the learning experience with good examples and the pre-class interview with the Master Instructor assisted my learning by highlighting skills that are useful for instructor/student dialog prior to class.

Peter McFarland

The PLK helped me learn new instructional techniques that work. I also learned successful methods of teaching adults and it prepared me for the real world learning environment. The course workshop prepared me for meeting the requirements of our MCT and CTT+ exams. The pre-class interview helped me come in prepared so that I could focus on learning the material. Because of the video presentations, my video is ready to send to CompTIA to complete my CTT+ certification!

Albert Raiani

Master Instructor used methods to keep me compelled and interested. She was professional and an expert with the course material & delivering it. She practiced in the classroom what she teaches, and it was very compelling & fulfilling!

Thank you! I'll always remember this experience!

The workshop far surpassed my expectations! The PLK helped me re-learn what I have forgotten and the pre-class interview helped me prepare for the class. The way the class was layed out and flowed was particularly impressive. I would recommend this class to anyone needing this type of training!

Tony Vickers
Sr Linux Engineer

The Be A Great Trainer exceeded my expectations way more than I expected. The 20-minute video and preparation for the video helped me with preparation and practice. Master Instructor provided me with more information than I can imagine and it was quality instruction!

Gregg Valeri
Principal Software Engineer

From the bottom of my heart I want to thank you.

Thank you very much for all your help and instruction during my online course.

Please send my thanks to Suki Reed. Without PrepMasters I am sure that I could not get certified.

As a result of gaining my CTT+ and MCT certifications, my monthly salary has increased and is now better than ever. I couldn't have done it without you.

Mr. Do Duc Thai
CMC System Integration Corporation (CSI CORP)
Hanoi, Vietnam

PrepMasters Fed-Exed The PLK to Kuwait! It contained excellent info. The workshop was fun and educational! I will take the things I have learned here & execute them in the real world. The 20-minute video and preparation showed me my body language and what I sound like to the audience. Master Trainer was to the point and easy to follow. This class rocks!

Michael Sanchez
US Military
Overseas Support

This workshop was very informative and helpful! The material was not only handed to me but taught to me. The rate at which the information was given and my full understanding of it after the workshop was highly impressive.

Tami Lester
Amerisafe, Inc
IT Trainer

This course exceeded my expectations! The Master Instructor made me feel comfortable prior to class by giving me a foundation to build upon. In the workshop, I learned so much about instruction techniques. I now know what to expect for the CTT+ test. More than that, I have an idea of where to make improvements & adjustments to my training style.

Audrea Jackson
Black Hills Corporation
Technology Integration Specialist

This workshop met my expectations and then some. I learned the main difference between a subject matter expert and an instructor. I had never looked at it that way before!!! The 20 minute video presentation allowed me to see some unusual quirks I wasn't aware of. The Pre-Class Learning Kit also saved class time by helping me to be better prepared for the class. I arrived with more confidence because I had already begun working on some of the issues indicated in the Pre-class Learning Kit.

Winta Bynoe
Wintab Consulting, Inc.
Sr Consultant

The course was a good review of all the train the trainer materials and ctt+ exam information. The master instructor was knowledgeable and dynamic. I was impressed by the good coaching to keep the students on track during the video presentations and to minimize bad habits.

Daniel Ziesmer
San Juan College, Inc.
Associate Professor

The PLK was very informative! The 20 minute video gave me a hands on experience at enhancing my presentations. I was impressed at the amount of information I did not know- I will definitely use this information at my next job!

Kevin Webb
The Source Consulting
Contract Recruiter/Trainer

The pre-class learning kit gave me more confidence. The workshop gave me concrete actions to cover in class to ensure that my students are learning. The Master Instructor went over the subject matter until she was sure we knew it. The student manual is very comprehensive!

Elizabeth McClellan

Everything impressed me about this workshop! The 20 minute video and preparation for the video helped me immensely! Thank you, Suki!

Bryan McClellan

I was very pleased with this workshop. The Master Instructor gave constructive criticism that enhanced my on camera persona and was very helpful. The student collaboration during the workshop was very impressive; I felt very comfortable with the teaching environment and the instructor. The workshop was a great experience and a great use of my time. I learned so much in the workshop that will help me train more effectively.

Claudean Burnett
Kaiser Permanente

In this workshop, I learned how to teach better AND prepared for the CTT+. I couldn't have done it without the 20 minute video presentation. The instructor backed up the information with research and experience and I learned more than I thought I would.

Veronia Hanley
Owner/Trainer, MacTek

This workshop met all of my needs. The Master Instructor provided excellent feedback and the 20 minute video let me see my mistakes. I know how to instruct with quality now!

Clint Miller
McLane Advanced Technologies

The workshop taught me new skills to develop more efficient training presentations. The filming process of the presentations particularly impressed me during the workshop and the instructor was knowledgeable with the subject matter.

Jonathan Quinteros
Training Specialist
Molina Healthcare

I was really nervous at first but the Master Instructor helped me calm my nerves! What a great class! In the PLK, everything was explained in great detail and was very easy to understand. The trainer knew the subject and taught it very well!

Teresa Obregon
Training Specialist
Molina Healthcare

Kudos to Master Trainer! This class was a confidence builder and supplied me with greater knowledge about training. Suki is an amazing, down to earth person who made the experience a comfortable one. The information on metacognitive learning and the test we had to determine our learning styles was very impressive.

Anthony Rodriguez
Training Specialist
Molina Healthcare

This workshop taught me new tools that I can incorporate into our company's training process and gave me a better understanding as to where I am as a trainer and how I can continually improve.

Don Lawrence
Development Specialist
Restaurants on the Run

Nothing needs to be improved in this workshop! It allowed me to view myself through another's eyes and I was impressed by the amount of new training methods I learned. The media and visuals worked well with my specific learning style!

R. V.
Data Tech
U.S. Marine Corps

This workshop made me more confident in conveying the information I know. I can now teach my students more effectively! I was really impressed at how comfortable the workshop made me feel about being an instructor. I know I will be able to use these skills during the classes I teach!

Sgt. R.P.
U.S. Navy

Everything was in its right place! By teaching me the small things I was missing, the Master Instructor made me feel more well rounded about my training. The video and preparation also helped me a great deal.

Information Systems Tech
U.S. Navy

Loved the course, great instructor! It was an ideal learning environment and helped me have confidence to pass the CTT+ Video. The daily instruction was a continuous learning experience and a great environment. The video helped me become a better trainer as well as recognize my flaws. There was so much knowledge but the instructor made it very easy to soak it all up. Thank you!

Sgt. J.B.
Network Admin/IT
U.S. Armed Forces

Learning the concepts was easy and fun! Great practice! The Master Instructor gave a thorough explanation, and nothing needs to be changed about this workshop!

U.S. Armed Forces

This workshop went above and beyond my expectations! It helped me understand the importance of using a variety of methods in training and to make small adjustments that will pay off and better my training delivery. I was impressed at the numerous tools that can be used to help my students have a positive experience in training.


The different techniques I learned in this workshop will always be a "treasure chest" of ideas to pull from for future classes. The Master Instructor provided clear and concise instruction, and even though I was nervous about the small class size, it didn't matter because I received so much information!

Laura Bonenfant
Label Business Analys
GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Health Care

This has truly helped my career! I now feel much better about doing other presentations. Thank you very much!

Colleen Goebel
Clinical Technical Trainer
Monarch Healthcare

This workshop exceeded my expectations! I thought it was going to be a snoozer and it was actually very engaging. I have never watched myself on video before; the 20 minute video was very revealing. Now I see how much I need to improve as an instructor to be close to Suki's level!

Ryan Redmond
Customer Dynamics

The multitude of new ideas and the ways of presenting information were impressive in this workshop. I obtained much more information than I expected.

Thomasa Almond
Crisis Line Supervisor
TriWest Healthcare Alliance

This class was well organized and provided practice skills that could be implemented right away! The video presentation was an eye-opener that showed both my positive and negative skills. The small class size aided in my comfort and my willingness to participate. This workshop is great!

Kenny Jones
Systems 7 Standards Associate
Abbott Vascular

I was impressed at how friendly and helpful everyone was during the workshop! It covered all pertinent material and the master instructor was very patient with all of us. The 20 minute video presentation made me understand how important preparation is.

Dale Mackenzie
Refinery Unit Trainer
Shell Canada

The Student Learning Area was very user-friendly and complete. It showed me exactly what information I needed to include on my hand-outs and Powerpoint slides.

This workshop actually exceeded my expectations. I learned finer points of adult learning. The instructor was very knowledgeable The 20 minute video made me more comfortable in front of the class & reinforced skills taught by the instructor. The concepts about adult learning particularly impressed me.

David P. Mendoza
Corporate Trainer
Electronic Data System (EDS)

I have a DVD to submit to CompTIA! SMaster trainer's patience during the workshop was extremely impressive and everything she did was professional and perfected. I have more confidence in my training and fixed some of my problem areas. It was easy to follow the steps in the student learning area before the course & submit my necessary work. Thank you!

Trina Starnes
PC Trainer
Bloomington Hospital

The student learning area was good & comfortable and had great examples to assist my learning. The master instructor had a very positive attitude and the 20 minute video presentation was a very big eye opener. Thank you, what a great experience!

R. Tremblay
Refinery Unit Trainer
Shell Canada

Greetings all-

So I held my first official training on Tuesday. It went great! I had seven students and we did basic Microsoft word. I felt very good about class and all of the students were very pleased. Also, my boss is very excited too!

Thanks Suki for giving me the training to have confidence in being a trainer!

Good day to everyone,

Andrea Herron
Software Trainer
San Miguel County

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Learning the concepts was easy and fun! Great practice! The Master Instructor gave a thorough explanation, and nothing needs to be changed about this workshop!

U.S. Armed Forces

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