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CTT+ Questions and Answers

Do I have to take an exam to get my CTT+ Classroom Trainer Certification?
Yes. You must pass two separate exams to obtain the CTT+ Classroom Trainer. One exam is a video presentation (CTT+ Classroom Performance Based Exam TKO-202) and the other is a computer based exam (CTT+ Essentials – TKO-201). The CTT+ Virtual Trainer Certification requires an additional video exam (CTT+ Virtual Classroom Performance Based Exam TKO-203).
Do I take the CTT+ computer based exam at the PrepMasters' workshop?
No. You must take the exam at a CompTIA authorized testing center. PrepMasters' workshop helps you prepare for the test and the video, but we are not a testing center.
What steps are necessary to take both exams?
You must take the written (computer based) exam first and then submit the video portion of the exam. Both exams are challenging and careful preparation must be followed in order to pass.
What to include when submitting the video?
Enroll in our CTT+ training for more detailed information: Carefully complete all the forms when you submit your video. You must include the following forms: video submission form (Form A); clearance form (Form B); and video documentation (Form C). You must also include a copy of a government issued photo ID to verify the identity of the instructor on the tape.
Where do I purchase vouchers for the CompTIA CTT+ exams and how much do they cost?
Test prices and purchase options change frequently. For current information go to PearsonVue: http://www.pearsonvue.com/comptia
Are there any prerequisites for the CompTIA CTT+ certification?
There are no prerequisites for the CompTIA CTT+.
How many questions are on the CompTIA CTT+ Essentials exam?
There are 95 questions on the CompTIA CTT+ exam. Your classroom video should map to the objectives outlined in the performance grid.
How much time to complete the CTT+ Essentials Computer Based Exam?
90 minutes to complete and a passing score is 655 (on a scale of 100-900).
Will CompTIA return my video to me?
Videos will not be returned. All are destroyed after 90 days. Make and keep at least one backup copy of your video.
Why should I become CompTIA CTT+ certified?
The CompTIA CTT+ certification is beneficial to training divisions in companies, commercial and academic training organizations, and individuals alike. Becoming CompTIA CTT+ certified gives an individual a recognized industry credential that offers proof of training skills.

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I have a DVD to submit to CompTIA! SMaster trainer's patience during the workshop was extremely impressive and everything she did was professional and perfected. I have more confidence in my training and fixed some of my problem areas. It was easy to follow the steps in the student learning area before the course & submit my necessary work. Thank you!

Trina Starnes
PC Trainer
Bloomington Hospital

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