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Training Solutions

Guarantee instructor success & student satisfaction through PrepMasters Enrichment Programs. All programs are presented in a format that will meet your needs. Our programs give instructors the cutting edge skills necessary to manage the classroom environment & engage students in learning.

Onground Training

Classroom training is still the best solution for engaging the student in hands-on learning. PrepMasters instructors are Instructional Experts and provide you with the very best instruction available.

Online Training

E-learning makes learning available to all who have Internet access. This is equates to Cost Effective Standardized Training and Immediate Rollout.

Mixed Training Solutions

Online Modules + Onground Seminars = Best of Both Worlds!

Compact Disc or DVD

All prerecorded programs are offered on CD or DVD

Long-range solutions for adult learning:

Classroom Management
Develop a collaborative learning environment
Behavioral Problems in the Classroom
Handle problematic students easily
How to Gauge Student Learning
Conduct on-the-fly learning assessments
Student Involvement in Learning
Engage students in active learning
Student Participation and Motivation
Gain student respect and motivated students involvement in learning
Barriers to Student Learning
Overcome the 10 most common student complaints
Teaching to varied learning styles
Accelerate learning and increase comprehension for all learning types
Professional Presentations
Make an outstanding impression on all audiences


Student Video Testimonials



The Preclass Learning Kit is was absolutely great idea for setting a comfort level that I will be utilizing in classes I facilitate. The video preparation helped me to set a pace and not overload my PowerPoint Presentation. The workshop met my expectations with a great pace and information.

Melissa Devenport
Insurers Admin Corp
Claims/Customer Service Trainer

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Become a Great Trainer

  • Best Value for Trainer Training
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Pre-Class Learning Kit (PLK)
  • Only 6 students per class!
  • TestPrep software
  • In-class video performance
  • Develop Presentation & Training skill-sets

Memorable Quote

“The moment you stop learning, you stop leading”

Rick Warren

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MCT Trainer


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