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Trainer's Edge (TE)

The Trainer's Edge (TE) is your online training area that guarantees trainer success - available on-demand 24/7.

TE will develop a foundation of learning. With the assistance of your Master Trainer you’ll discover how to develop highly interactive training materials. TE gives you online access to course documents, training samples, e-books and career critical information to make you a powerful trainer. You’ll have continuous access to the TE for 1-year after date of enrollment.

Trainer's Edge contains the tools to make you a powerful trainer including:

Train-the-Trainer TE

  1. Sample Passing Videos
  2. Sample PowerPoint Presentations
  3. PowerPoint Templates
  4. Sample Handouts


  1. Sample CTT+ Passing Videos
  2. Sample CTT+ PowerPoint Presentations
  3. CTT+ PowerPoint Template
  4. Sample CTT+ Handouts
  5. Sample CompTIA CTT+ Video (Passing) Submission Forms
  6. Online TestPrep CTT+ Knowledge Base, test simulation for the CTT+ Essentials Computer Based Exam

Bonus Content

  1. Sample Handouts
  2. Library of passing PPT Presentations
  3. Cutting-edge trainer E-books and articles
  4. More

Student Video Testimonials



PrepMasters has helped me to become a strong trainer.

Gregg Condon
Blue Cross, Training Specialist
Camarillo, CA

The video presentation helped me to become more comfortable and confident as an instructor.

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Become a Great Trainer

  • Best Value for Trainer Training
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Pre-Class Learning Kit (PLK)
  • Only 6 students per class!
  • TestPrep software
  • In-class video performance
  • Develop Presentation & Training skill-sets

Memorable Quote

“Live as if your were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”


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MCT Trainer


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